Company presentation:

Our company was started as an individual enterprise of Antal Csóka in 1986. We began to repair industrial and agricultural electronics in 1996. In addition to the reparations, in 1998 we already made own developments, too. In 1999 came into broad market the own developed hectare counter, then one year later was placed on the market the electronic bale counter equipment. In June 10 was founded the Elektro-Szoft 2000 Ltd, which carries on the commenced developments.
The control of our target circuits is generally accomplished by Microchip PIC microcontrollers, to control industrial processes, Siemens, Omron, Moeller or Tele Mechanique PLCs are used.
Our company stays at the disposal of the old and prospective clients with the continuously extending and developing technical and intellectual background.

Our developments:

  • HSZL-64 type hectare counter appliance
  • 512 pointed cable bunch checking computer (WEE type)
  • Measurement data collector with multiplexed analogue inputs, parallel addressing and 12 bit parallel data outputs. (for PLC extension)
  • 100-1500W power vibrator driver circuit
  • 60V/AC -> 1-30V/DC 10A power supply
  • Ford Capri mechanical ignition conversion to electronic ignition
  • Control of timed and delayed shaking motors for sand classification
  • PLC program of electro-hydraulic test system
  • 12V/DC -> 2x42V/DC 3A power supply
  • Optical reader and weighing computer program for analogue (projection) weigh-bridge
  • Quick Rotan industrial sewing machine with electronic test bed
  • Soft drink automat feeder electronics
  • 230V/AC -> 2x15V/DC 3A and 2x1,25-30V/DC 1A power supply
  • RS232<->RS485 interface circuit
  • Planning and manufacturing of a pneumatic dough cutter (for an Italian dough machine)
  • Controller electronics for snowplough and salt spreader
  • Corn counter electronics, as a complementer unit of packing machines

Special machine experiences:

  • Servicing experience on Sortex type coal sorter machines: both series 7000 and 90000 machines (service documentation and manufacturer relationship as well)
  • Rovema packing machines (IPC control as well)
  • Josef Westdickenberg type (with inside and outside bag) small-seed packing machine

Our profile and services:

Planning of electronic target circuits with state-of-the-art Surface Mounted Technology, planning the printed circuit panel, which is necessary to its implementation. Planning the connection between the processing units of the electronic circuit and the controlled equipment (electronic, electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic).
Manufacturing the circuit based on the plans (assembly, start-up and commissioning).

Electrical planning of PLC controls in industrial processes, program planning and programming. Assembly, connecting and commissioning of control cabinets and units based on the plans.
We undertake the operation and reparation of PLC systems, under and over the warranty period.

We plan, manufacture and repair electronics and control circuits in our well-equipped workshop.


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